Southside Baptist children serve local law enforcement

Published 5:34 pm Friday, August 12, 2016

Ann Knox McLendon brings a plate to E911 official Manisha Murphy.

Ann Knox McLendon brings a plate to E911 official Manisha Murphy.

Wednesday evening, the children’s department of Southside Baptist Church took the time to serve those who serve our community.

Many of the first responders of Greenville, such as the Greenville Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department, EMS, LifeFlight and E911, were treated to a Bar-B-Que supper with all the trimmings as a way of showing respect and admiration for all they do.

“In just the recent months with everything going on with law enforcement and everyone attacking them, I thought we could do a service project,” said Jill Burt, children’s minister for SBC.

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“The kids were excited to be able to do something like that for the first responders in our community, and some of them have parents who are actually first responders.”

This project served as the final night of SBC’s summer fun nights, and gave the children a chance to thank those who serve and to serve them in turn.

The group also offered to go plates and beverages for all of those on duty who were unable to stay and eat.

Lilly Ingram had the opportunity to act as a server to these first responders, and was glad to know that she was giving back to them.

“They protect us and they help make our city better,” she said.

“We need to respect and help as much as we can with people that serve our city.”

Ingram said her favorite part of the evening was being able to serve the first responders their meal and thank them for their service.

“We want to let the kids see how a community can come together and support everyone. We want them to see that these people do a lot every day for our community, and we want them to see that and be supportive of that,” Burt said.

Mayor Dexter McLendon capped off the evening with a few remarks about the importance of first responders, and the importance of treating them with respect.

“To me, it’s a bigger message to send to these young boys and girls here that police officers and all the people here are good people,” he said.

“They are here to protect you. It is important for you to understand how important they are. Without them, we could not do what we do and be free to enjoy the things we do.”

As each first responder left, a group met them at the door to thank them and pray for them as they returned to the line of duty.