Stephenson to run for City Council, District Two

Published 11:53 am Thursday, July 28, 2016


Annette Stephenson has announced her candidacy for city councilmember, District Two.

“I have lived in Crenshaw County all my life being a wife, mother, active church member, community volunteer and enjoyed 15 years of a banking career,” Stephenson said.

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“In my view, my candidacy brings good stewardship, common sense, tireless work ethic and a fresh new vison to our great city.”

Stephenson does not believe that Luverne has a “long term strategic plan,” but has a few suggestions to create one.

“We have no plan, no road map. Without a plan, we do not know where we are going,” she said.

“My dad taught me to plan your work, work your plan and plan for the unexpected.”

A “long term strategic plan” for Luverne starts with its citizens, she says.  She proposes having town hall meetings in each district where citizens can discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Luverne to reach its maximum potential.

From this exercise, Luverne will identify major goals that impact city government, city services, infrastructure, economic growth, job creation, education, budgeting, law enforcement and safety issues affecting the general quality of life in Luverne.

“Our finished product will be a three to five-year strategic plan with goals, objectives and initiatives, which is measurable and reported back to the citizens on our progress of executing the plan,” she said.

“In simple terms, our city government will have a measureable public report card.”

Stephenson believes that it is time that the city begins to think long term with a strategic plan.

“It is, in my humble view, time for Annette,” she said.

“I am asking you and your family for your trust and vote. Together we will plan, work and make our Friendliest City into the Greatest City to live, work and raise our families.”