OPINION: A thief among us

Published 11:05 am Thursday, July 28, 2016

There may be a thief among us.

It appears that my identity may have been stolen.

Earlier this week, several posts were made by Andy Brown on the “Voices of Luverne” Facebook page — a closed group managed by one of the candidates for mayor.

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Now, I’m aware that I’m not the only Andy Brown in the world, and certainly not the only Andy Brown with a Facebook account.

A quick search reveals an Andy Brown that sells real estate in Brentwood, Tenn.

Not me.

There’s an Andy Brown that graduated from Southside High School in Selma.

Not me either.

There’s an Andy Brown that retired from the U.S. Postal Service.

Not me, although the retired part sounds nice.

There’s an Andy Brown that’s a musician with more than 7,000 followers.

Ask anyone that’s heard me sing, that’s definitely not me.

There’s also an Andy Brown from Auburn University that is posting on the “Voices of Luverne” page.

That’s definitely not me. Let me say that again to be clear. That is not me.

On Monday, it was brought to my attention by a number of people that there were some very negative comments on the page about candidates running for mayor that were made by Andy Brown.

I want to go on the record as saying that not only did I not make those comments, I don’t approve of anyone using social media to attack another person’s character or reputation.

There may be an Andy Brown out there that is very concerned about the mayoral election in Luverne that is making these comments. That’s his right.

However, judging from the profile that was created, it appears that someone has chosen to use my name to create a fake profile and say whatever he or she wants about these candidates.

It’s been hard to find anyone that knows this Andy Brown, so it seems odd that he would know so much about everyone else.

That’s what leads me to believe that someone intentionally used my name, because of my affiliation with the newspaper, to sling mud at the folks seeking office.

I reported the profile to Facebook and expressed my concerns. The good folks there declined to do anything about it.

So, all I can do is assure you that these comments are not coming from me. If you want to check out my profile and confirm it for yourself go right ahead.

I’m the Andy Brown that went to Troy, not Auburn.

There’s a picture of me and my family right there in the profile photo. If you don’t see my beautiful wife and adorable daughter, rest assured you have the wrong Andy Brown. In fact, you may have a fake, or at least a real estate agent from Tennessee.