Carpenter announces candidacy for mayor

Published 11:47 am Thursday, July 28, 2016


Alan Carpenter has announced his candidacy for mayor of the City of Luverne.

“I was born in Luverne and have lived here all of my life,” Carpenter said.

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“I am the manager and co-owner of Foster Drug Company, Incorporated.  This business has been in my family for four generations, and I have worked there for the past 32 years.”

If elected mayor, Carpenter plans to move the City of Luverne into the digital age.  He wants to develop computerized data bases that can be used by grant-writers to secure government grants.  These grants can be used to upgrade the aging infrastructure of the city.  They can also be used to beautify the city and may allow the addition of new or improved services for the citizens of Luverne.

“The City of Luverne is a business.  It needs to be run like a business,” Carpenter said.

“I will use my 32 years of experience managing the day to day occurrences that arise.  Also, I will work with the head of each department to minimize waste and maximize savings.” Jobs are also a top priority for Carpenter.  He says he is tired of seeing young people leave Luverne because they cannot earn enough to support a family.  As mayor, Carpenter says he will continually seek new industry for our area.

In light of recent events around the nation, Carpenter believes the city needs to be proactive.  He would be in favor of any specialized or additional training for the local police force.

“Division distracts people and groups from focusing on the problems, making them more difficult to be solved,” Carpenter said.

“I am the candidate that can represent all groups in Luverne and unify them.  Together our city can move forward and accomplish great things.”