OPINION: Let’s talk about disconnecting for a minute

Published 4:05 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why do we have such an issue disconnecting? Even just for a few minutes a day? It seems like it has become even harder to put down our phones for even just a few seconds, because we are worried that we will miss something.

I am just as bad about doing this, so I assure you I am lumping myself into this category, but I still can’t understand it.

Do we really think we will miss out on so much by just not checking that Facebook status update or by not watching the latest celebrity gossip on television?

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Now more than ever I can see why it is exponentially important to destress and detach myself from the hubbub of my daily life.

I am way too connected. I have multiple social media accounts that make my phone ding constantly throughout the day. I have calls, texts and emails coming in from work and my personal life. Sometimes I just have to mute my phone and step away from it all. In those moments, I truly can feel how relaxing it would be to just go off the grid.

It really is so nice to just put my phone down and walk away from it. Granted in my line of work it’s almost impossible to do so because there is always something that needs my attention. But isn’t it about time that we all just slow down, or, Heaven forbid, we go off the grid for just a little bit?

I think it’s healthy for us to experience a few hours a day when no one can reach us or bother us. It helps you slow down your mind and really take in the world around you.

If you have your face stuck in a screen all day, you may feel like you’re experiencing a lot, but in actuality you are missing everything.

Put the phone, tablet and laptop down and actually get outside and go for a walk. Don’t take pictures of your food and Tweet about it, just eat the dang meal! Savor what’s in front of you instead of craving attention from the virtual world.

Talk to the person in front of you…they obviously chose to sit with you and spend their precious time with you. The least you could do is look them in the eye or contribute to the conversation.

Take time to just sit and rest after a long and stressful day. Whether you are a working individual in an office or a stay at home parent wrangling children, you deserve time to yourself to recuperate.

Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still. When we quiet our minds, silence our phones and really take time to be still and listen, the Lord can work wonders in our lives. The enemy uses our active lifestyles to cloud our judgement and take away our peace. Don’t let him get in your way. Make sure you always take time to stop, disconnect from this world and connect to what God is trying to do in your life.