LPD reminds citizens of golf cart regulations

Published 2:23 pm Thursday, May 19, 2016

“This is nothing new. This has been standing orders from the time of former Mayor Sport’s regime. What brought it to the forefront was some folks putting stuff on Facebook,” said Luverne Police Department Chief Paul Allen when asked about the resurfacing reminders of the street restrictions for golf carts and other side-by-side vehicles.

According to Allen, side-by-side vehicles such as golf carts, four-wheelers, Mules, etc. are not allowed to be driven in the city streets or on the sidewalks.

While this law may not be new, many have questions about what is and is not allowed when it comes to vehicles such as these. Allen stated that questions about farm vehicles have also arisen, and was quick to answer that they are allowed only if the vehicle in question, “has an explicit farm use provision.”

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“Just because you have brake lights on it and put a farm plaque on the back, doesn’t make it a farm vehicle,” Allen said.

“Just because you buy a vehicle and want to deem it a farm vehicle, you can’t do that.”

Allen has visited dealerships that sell side-by-side vehicles and confirmed that they are not considered road-worthy vehicles and are classified as off-road only.

If caught in violation of this ordinance, a written warning will be given for the first infraction. However, after the warning is issued, someone must come to you and transport the vehicle away. It cannot be driven away after a warning has been issued.

“I know people think that’s pretty stringent, but if we let you drive off from there and somebody hits you, we can be sued because we let you break the law,” Allen said.

Allen encourages anyone with questions to contact the Luverne Police Department and inquire further. He also asks that anyone who sees this law being broken report it to the Luverne Police Department at 334-335-3334.