Spring performance honors former director

Published 8:49 am Thursday, May 12, 2016

Students from all Crenshaw County schools had the chance to put on their dancing shoes Monday night as the curtains split to reveal a musical montage of popular songs. (Photo by Beth Hyatt)

Students from all Crenshaw County schools had the chance to put on their dancing shoes Monday night as the curtains split to reveal a musical montage of popular songs. (Photo by Beth Hyatt)

As the curtains split and the spotlights shone, the Crenshaw County Show Choir took to the stage to present “For the Good Times” Monday night.

The program consisted of a variety of musical and dance numbers and also served as a tribute to choreographer Gillian Lynne and the group’s former director, Jim Head.

Under the direction of Anne Head, assistance was gathered from Dr. Pat and Sandy Walker for choral, set design and costume assistance, and choreography and technical student assistance came from Emily Sims and Harrison Weed. The performance consisted of show choir members and gifted program students from Highland Home School, Luverne High School and Brantley High School.

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“I think everything went great. Every show has something that might not be perfect, but overall I thought it was great,” Anne Head said.

“The kids are so enthusiastic and they give it 100 percent.”

According to Anne Head, preparation for this program began directly after the conclusion of the Luverne Public Library’s annual dinner theater event, and many of the ideas came from the late Jim Head. Anne Head believes that Jim would be proud of the work the students put into the performance, and knows that these talented individuals gave it their all.

“Ever since I was in the third grade I have been a part of Ms. Head’s gifted program and have been a part of performances with her,” Sims said.

“Being close with Ms. Head when I was young brought me closer to Mr. Head, and when I got into seventh grade I started choir with him. Performing has always been a huge part of my life – all my friends were there with me and I knew it was where my heart was. I guess you could say I helped a good bit. Being the choreographer for the whole show and being Mrs. Head’s right hand girl was a full time job.”

Students had the chance to perform numbers from popular Disney movies, such as “Mulan” and “The Lion King”, and also dazzled the audience with Broadway specials from “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats”.

Solos as well as duets and trios gave the audience a peek into the hard work that went into this production. Those who have participated over the years, such as Sims, understand the true meaning behind performing and work diligently in each show to express that meaning to the audience.

“To be in the choir shows is more than just rewarding for the audience. Being in the shows not only allows me to be myself but also allows me to show others who I am,” Sims said.

“When I am on stage, I am in my little world. Being involved in this is so important to start in high school because you have so many opportunities to find your sound or what you happen to be good at. After finding that, you can grow and prosper from those opportunities.”

While the evening had a jaunty air to it, the final number brought to light the true reason behind this year’s show.

After losing their beloved director, Jim Head, just a few months ago, the team wasn’t sure if the performance would happen. But, as Jim Head had told the group many a time, “The show must go on.” With this in mind, the team gathered their talents and hit the stage.

“Every year it’s just another show. I have favorites but after being in so many that’s what it becomes. But this year was a little different,” Sims said.

“I’d say if anything, Mr. Head was always the one to push me to have the confidence in myself to do each show, but for this one I had to find that confidence in myself by myself and hope that Mr. Head would be proud of it. We all knew he was yelling and shaking his fingers at us telling us to be louder and in tune, but we know that he was proud of us in the long run.”