LBWCC offers way to jump ahead in math

Published 9:19 am Thursday, May 12, 2016


LBW Community College is offering an opportunity for students to jump ahead in math courses during their break between semesters without having to pay additional tuition for the next course.

“Eligible students can earn credit for basic mathematics, elementary algebra or intermediate college algebra through this online opportunity, then proceed to the next math level with no requirement to pay additional tuition,” said Mary Ann Hudson, LBWCC mathematics and science division chair.

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This opportunity is for students who are registered in Math 090 and 098 developmental math courses for summer semester, and will be offered again for each subsequent semester.

“If you are in Math 100 and transferring to another college, please be aware that some colleges will not accept this challenge credit. If credit for Math 100 is needed for transfer, the student should complete the class. If Math 100 transfer credit is not needed, registered students may use this option as challenge credit.”

In order to test and advance, students are required to complete an online final exam review, but they must do so before the first class session of the semester. They can complete the review as many times as needed during this timeframe. The final exam must be taken the first or second class session occurring prior to the drop/add deadline. Summer semester begins June 1 and fall semester begins Aug. 22.

“They can save both time and money by improving their skills enough to pass the final exam and move ahead to the next level,” she said.

“Students should realize they must write down their work for each problem as they do the review, which must be turned in to the instructor before taking the final exam.”

A grade of 70 must be attained on the final exam to receive credit for the course. Once a student successfully completes basic mathematics or elementary algebra, they will be instructed to drop that class and enroll in the next one with no additional tuition required, said Hudson.

Math booster information and the link to the final exam review can be found on the LBWCC website under the math science program.

“The faster students move through developmental courses, the sooner they can take advance courses such as chemistry, physics, and calculus, or move into or complete their technical program of study,” she said.

LBWCC in Greenville is also offering a calculus class for the first time in summer semester.