Bulldogs charge to third round of playoffs

Published 3:15 pm Friday, May 6, 2016


The Brantley Bulldogs faced off against the Millry Wildcats on Friday, April 29. The Bulldogs won the series 2-0, earning them their fourth 10 run rule game in a row.

To start the first game, Tommy Spivey pitched a quick three out inning. Jacob Free got on base for the Bulldogs by hitting a single. At the start of the second inning, Spivey struck out the first batter, quickly followed by a double play. Colby Carpenter, catcher, threw the ball to Free at second and Free threw it to Greyson Layton on first.

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The first point of the game came from Layton stealing home to put the Bulldogs in the lead in the bottom of the second inning. Millry did score when an error happened by the Bulldogs. BHS got their third out by Carpenter throwing a Wildcat out at first.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Free got on base and stole second. When Layton hit a single, Free was almost out at third but managed to stay safe. Free then scored when he stole home.

Layton scored also, making the score 3-2. Mack Wise walked and was on base when Andrew Kimbro hit a double. Edge Branum hit a single, allowing Wise to score. Bases were loaded and Kimbro scored when the Millry pitcher balked. Branum also scored when he stole home.

Parker Driggers substituted in for Carpenter and scored, making the score 7-2. With two strikes, Free threw a ball to first to end the top of the fifth. Free and Nathan Renfroe got on base. Kimbro batted Free in and right after Renfroe scored when he stole home.

Carpenter batted Wise in, making the score 10-2. Person hit a double, scoring Branum. Spivey batted Driggers and Adrian Person in, making the score 13-2 to end the game.

To start the second game, Person got on base for the Bulldogs. Free batted Person in and attained third base. In the next inning, Free pitched for the Bulldogs.

Wise threw from deep left field all the way to home plate to get an out. When it was time for the Bulldogs to bat again, Wise had scored when a pop fly was dropped. Trey Lowery made a spectacular catch in right field to get the first out for the bottom of the second inning. Millry scored, making the score 5-2 with the Bulldogs trailing.

What followed was a quick three out inning. In bottom of the third, Free pitched two strikeouts and then caught a pop fly to go into the top of the fourth. Layton started things off for the Bulldogs with a single. Kimbro hit a single, landing Layton on second. With Branum up to bat, he scored Layton.

Carpenter gained two runs with a major hit to left field, tying the game 5-5. Mann hit a double scoring Driggers, who ran for Carpenter. In the bottom of the fourth, Lowery caught a ball out to right field. Free also caught a pop fly in the infield and struck a Wildcat out to end the inning.

For the top of the fifth, Kimbro hit a single and in the bottom of the fifth, Free pitched a strikeout for the Bulldogs, which was the first out of the inning. Carpenter threw a player out at second, and the final out of the inning came from an out thrown to Layton at first.

The next inning Person and Spivey both got on base. Free hit Person in and Renfroe hit a two run home run, making the score 10-6. Renfroe’s home run was the 21st for the Bulldogs this season.

Kimbro batted Wise in and right after, Branum hit a double. Due to error by the Wildcats, Kimbro managed to score. Scotty Hudson ran for Branum. Carpenter hit Hudson in, raising the score to 13-6.

Driggers ran for Carpenter while Person was on second; Driggers scored when Spivey was up to bat. Person scored when he stole home, and Free narrowly missed hitting a home run, but he did score Spivey making the score 16-6.

Jake Kilcrease ran for Free and ended up scoring. At the bottom of the sixth, Renfroe took over pitching with a three strike out inning. The Bulldogs won the second game 17-6, earning them a spot to play again this Friday in Ragland.