Council gives go ahead for paving project

Published 12:10 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Greenville officials are dubbing as the largest paving project in the city’s history could begin Wednesday.

On Monday, the Greenville City Council approved a $603,084 paving project, which when combined with the more than $2 million of roadwork being completed in the city through the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP), is easily the largest paving project the city has ever undertaken, according to Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon.

MidSouth Paving will be handling the roadwork.

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McLendon had originally thought the project would begin at the end of May in conjunction with the ATRIP projects. According to the mayor, the entire project could be completed in 12 days, if the weather cooperates.

“The ATRIP projects will be done later,” McLendon said. “We thought we would do them all right at the same time to maybe get a better price, but MidSouth has other projects going on, so we were able to get a better price by going ahead and doing it now.”

Milton Luckie, superintendent of the Greenville Public Works Department, had previously presented the council with a list of streets in need of resurfacing and repair.

Manningham Road, Gamble Street, Pinedale, Oliver Street, Stanfield Street, Dunklin Street, Academy Drive, Linda Avenue, Thames Street, Shady Ridge, Lake Drive, Bell Lane, World Street, Roosevelt Street, South Park Street, Lincoln Street, Carver Circle, Frost Street and Rhodes Road will be resurfaced as part of the project.

The city’s ATRIP projects include North Conecuh Street, Airport Road, Glendale Avenue and Hickory Street. South Conecuh Street has already been paved as part of ATRIP.

Only major collector roads, or roadways which serve 500 vehicles a day, and bridges qualify for the funding through ATRIP, and city and county governments must provide a 20 percent match for approved projects.

In 2012, the city spent $613,000 paving Herbert Street, Field Street, Winkler Street, Cunningham Street, Fort Dale Street, Terrell Street, Cloverdale Road, Springwood Drive, First Street, Second Street and School Highland Road.