Reynolds opens Patches of Grace

Published 2:52 pm Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dr. Brittney Reynolds, left, and vet tech Shae Roberts provide care specialized care to horses at Patches of Grace Equine Veterinarian Services. (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Brittney Reynolds, left, and vet tech Shae Roberts provide care specialized care to horses at Patches of Grace Equine Veterinarian Services. (Courtesy Photo)

By Lori Cummings
Special to The Advocate

When one lives in a rural place like Butler County, he or she does so for many reasons.

It could be for the slower way of life, the interesting and caring people or that one loved to raise and have lots of animals.  Animals come in all sizes but when one has large babies like horses that need care and medical maintenance it is wonderful to know there is a veterinarian nearby that specializes in that area.

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In Butler County that’s Dr. Brittney Reynolds at Patches of Grace Veterinarian Equine Services in Greenville.

“I am originally from the Dothan area where I began my career as an emergency veterinarian,” said Reynolds. “For the last two years, I have practiced full-time mixed animal medicine in Greenville.  Practicing veterinary medicine has been a dream since I was nine years old and I love horses and equine medicine.  I also love the people in Butler County.”

Reynolds attended Troy University and received a degree in biology in 2006.  She was then accepted to Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and completed her veterinarian degree in 2011.  She worked at numerous facilities learning and healing.  She won many awards and scholarships.  She was awarded the Large Animal Intern of the Year Award at Colorado State in 2012, but her knowledge and skills are not the only reason local residents are so happy Reynolds is in town. It is mostly for her compassion for her equine patients and their owners.

Betsy Waggoner is one of those owners whose longtime furry baby “Cinnamon” needed to be put down and Reynolds was there for her.

“After an all night shift of working, Dr. Reynolds came to see my mare even though I know she was exhausted,” Waggoner said. “She showed love and compassion and had a skill in helping me and Cinnamon on our last day together. She made the dreaded day less painful and I will forever be thankful to her for the extra time spent with me.  She went way beyond her job requirement and I just love her for it.”

Dr. Reynolds heart doesn’t stop at her practice; she also loves to give back to the community. She is on the board of the Alabama Horse Rescue Council and says helping neglected horses is something she has always wanted to do.

“If I could take care of every rescue I would,” said Reynolds.

She volunteers at horse facilities and gives free seminars to educate horse owners.  She even helps those outside of the county.  Anyone who is a member of her Facebook group can ask her any question about his or her horse and in 24 hours she will have an answer for the horse owner.

“She’s an amazing person, kind hearted and would help anyone,” says Shae Roberts who works with Dr. Reynolds as her vet tech. “I feel blessed working with Dr. Reynolds.”

Patches of Grace has its first event coming up that is co-sponsored by Living Rural TV.

“We are planning our first free clinic/trail ride that will be this spring,” Reynolds said. “It will be in Butler County and anyone who is a horse owner or wants to be a horse owner is invited. We will have a seminar, question and answer period, lunch and then a fun five-mile trail ride.”

It takes a unique person to understand the special bond between an owner and his or her horse.  Reynolds understands and knows how important it is for the horse to receive the very best care possible.

Whether someone has one horse, or a stable of horses, Roberts says, “no one is better qualified to provide the high level of care you expect for your special horse, than Patches of Grace Equine Veterinarian Services.  I know Dr. Reynolds has made a professional commitment to excellence. I have seen it.  Every horse she treats receives the most individualized and specialized care available.”

For a list of all services or to find out about all the free seminars this year, please visit