Election 2016: How Butler County voted

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Decision 2016

Decision 2016

Butler County’s turnout for Tuesday’s primary elections was close to 43 percent.

There were 13,198 registered voters in the county, 5,624 ballots were cast.

“We had a decent turnout and voter participation considering we didn’t have any local races in the county,” Butler County Probate Steve Norman said.

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In the presidential primary, Butler County supported Hillary Clinton (92.11percent) and Bernie Sanders (6.54 percent).

On the Republican side, Butler County voters supported Donald Trump (53.77 percent), Ted Cruz (16.69 percent), Marco Rubio (13.35 percent), Ben Carson (11.78 percent) and John Kasich (2.69 percent).

Butler County supported U.S. Senator incumbent Richard Shelby with 72.85 percent; U.S. Representative incumbent Martha Roby with 73.97 percent; and Public Service Commission incumbent Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh with 75.22 percent.

Local voters supported Statewide Amendment One with 76.9 percent.

District Attorney incumbent Charlotte M. Tesmer qualified for the Democratic Primary, and William “Bill” Morgan Rayborn Jr. qualified for the Republican Primary. As they are unopposed in their respective parties, their race did not appear on primary ballots, but will appear in the general election.

On the local level 5,624 ballots were cast.  Of those 3,219 were cast in the Republican primary and 2,405 were cast in the Democratic primary.

“Tuesday’s primary was the first time in the history of the county that more republican ballots were cast than democratic ballots,” Norman said.

“The day went smoothly and for the most part it was a very typical election day.”