Luverne welcomes back familiar face

Published 10:26 am Thursday, February 18, 2016

Former Crenshaw County Revenue Commissioner, Randall Petty, has recently opened a new business in the City of Luverne.

The new business, Randall Petty Accounting Services. is located at 76 S. Glenwood Avenue, across from the courthouse, in Attorney Bryan Penn’s office. After serving the county as Revenue Commissioner, he is now ready to use his talents tofurther aid the citizens of Crenshaw by offering his accounting services.

“There does appear to be a lot of competition in this field, so I want to offer a service that will give people more options,” said Petty.

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“Having worked over here for two years as the Revenue Commissioner, I’ve gotten to know people and felt like it would be a good opportunity to do this.”

Petty has been part of Crenshaw County as a citizen and official over the years and is ready to start a new leg of his adventure by opening this business.



His primary service for the next couple of months will be the preparation of income taxes. He also plans to perform multiple accounting services for individuals and small businesses. These services may include bookkeeping, payroll, quarterly reports, accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial statements.  Petty has an accounting degree from the University of Alabama, along with many years of accounting experience.

“It’s unknown territory, but I have experience and background in this field. It’s a new adventure and hopefully this will last a long time. I don’t want to just do it for one tax season and then quit,” he said.