BHS elementary club to tour CNN

Published 10:22 am Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Brantley High School Elementary Honor Club will soon get the chance to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to tour the studio of Cable News Network (CNN).

The group is made up of students ranging from fourth through sixth grade, and the trip is slated for April 27.

Amanda Stewart, sixth grade teacher at BHS, has been involved with this group for years and enjoys giving students the chance to not only take field trips, but to take them out of state. The group was fortunate enough to go to CNN a few years back, and the popularity of the studio only made them want to return.

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“It’s just really a neat place to take the kids. It’s pretty easy to arrange, and it’s something that the kids really love,” said Stewart.

Each year, the group takes one out of state field trip, so that by the time students leave the sixth grade, they have been on three different trips.

Stewart, along with Superintendent of Crenshaw County Schools Boyd English, believes that it is important to educate students by giving them opportunities to travel whenever possible.

“Any time that our students can go and visit sites like CNN, you’re introducing students to it early. Not to mention, you’re going to Atlanta. It’s kind of the melting pot of the south where our students can go, visit and experience a different learning environment. It’s exciting,” said English.

Along with CNN headquarters, the group will also have the chance to visit the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

Stewart and the students are eagerly awaiting the trip, and cannot wait to begin exploring the behind the scenes world of news.

“There’s just so much out there. We have a lot to offer in Alabama, but then there are so many things outside of the state for the kids to get to see and experience,” said Stewart.

“Students read about it, but when they actually experience it they are understanding on a whole new level when they’ve actually been there.”