County pistol permit applications spike

Published 8:20 am Thursday, December 17, 2015


With the growing threat of undercover shootings continuing to rise on almost a monthly basis, citizens are left wondering what they can do to protect themselves in the future.

Since the recent mass shooting that took place in San Bernardino, Calif., citizens have started taking precautions for personal protection into their own hands by purchasing firearms.

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With the holidays quickly approaching, more people will be receiving firearms as gifts, and many who receive these gifts are not always trained in firearms safety and management.  According to Sheriff Mickey Powell of the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office, sales of pistol permits in the county have almost double since the shooting in California.

“We are now offering one year through five year pistol permits. We encourage people to come and get their pistol permit if they are going to have their weapon in their vehicle,” said Powell. Before now, pistol permits were only offered on a one to three year basis, but after an equipment update the office is now able to offer up to a five year permit.

It is Powell’s hope that over the next few months, his office will be able to organize a firearms safety event for all interested citizens. If they are able to host such a class, it would be completely opened to the public and would give citizens the opportunity to learn more about firearms safety, management and usage.

“I’m all for people getting a weapon and arming themselves, but please get somebody that knows how to operate a pistol or a firearm to go over safety precautions,” said Powell. “We don’t

want an incident to happen where someone accidentally shoots someone by not knowing how to handle a firearm.”

For more information about how to apply for a pistol permit and what is required to attain one, please contact the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office at 335-6568.