Teachers receive technology upgrade

Published 4:01 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2015

With education becoming more and more technologically based, Crenshaw County Schools have decided to give the teachers an update on classroom technology. In many school systems, students have had the opportunity to use laptops and tablets to enhance their classroom experience, but many of the teachers do not have access to this technology. It is the belief of Crenshaw County Superintendent Boyd English that giving the teachers access to a mobile device will enable them to do more and prepare more for the classroom.

“The first thing you have to do is assess and see what are the needs. You can always improve,” said English. “You’ve got to give teachers every tool you possibly can to make sure our kids are successful.”

The thought came to English and his faculty after a survey was given to all teachers kindergarten through 12th grade. More than half demonstrated the need for either a laptop pr another kind of portable device. After this, the educators began to explore different mobile device options. Currently students in grades ninth through 12th have iPad minis to use in class, and seventh and eighth grade students use Chrome books. It is important that the teachers as well as the students are kept up to date with the latest technology to ensure everyone is on the same page. “We can’t forget another critical component of education is the teachers,” said English. “Without them, nothing is possible.”

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Right now, teachers have access to Chrome boxes in the classrooms, but it is the hope of English that allowing the teachers to have laptops will enable them more mobility when preparing for classes. If they chose to do so, teachers would have the option of taking the laptops home with them to critique lesson plans and communicate with other teachers and students.

English understands that in this day and age, it is very important for educators to keep up with the changing technological advances. Without giving the teachers every opportunity to be involved with technology, they are more likely to fall behind and will be unable to further help students. Because of this, it was decided that the teachers will be receiving the latest model of Dell computer.

The laptops are slated to be released at the beginning of this coming semester, and teachers will have the opportunity to attend training courses offered by Dr. Buddy Weldon with Technology in Motion. Weldon has already visited the schools throughout the current semester to meet with teachers regarding this matter, and more training dates will be set in the future.