OPINION: City must use new tax revenue wisely

Published 11:06 pm Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Luverne City Councilman Jerry Sipper made some valid points during the council’s recent discussion on raising the sales tax half a cent.

“If we’re going to sit on the money, it’s not doing the citizens any good,” he said. “Simple things like striping up to speed bumps, I asked for part time help to pick up litter, just some simple things that people could see that would make me have a good feeling about voting yes.”

Sipper has made similar requests for more than a year. Only time will tell if it continues to fall on deaf ears.

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Luverne took the path of least resistance by choosing to raise sales tax instead of other sources of revenue.

Mayor Joe R. Sport said a portion of the new taxes would be used for employee raises.

We will all be looking closely at how the rest of the revenue is put to use.