COLUMN: A glowing recommendation for more activities

Published 4:10 pm Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crenshaw Christian Academy’s PTA held an event last weekend that struck all the right notes.

The group organized a glow run 5K to raise money for more technology in CCA classrooms.

About 90 people participated in the event – not bad for its first time. The glow run was a brilliant idea because it was a family-friendly activity that encouraged fitness. Decked out in glowing bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and anklets, families sprinted up and down Second Street on a clear warm night.

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If it had not been for this school-sponsored activity, these same families might have wasted the evening watching the Crimson Tide lose. What a waste of a perfectly good night that would have been.

Crenshaw County still holds the distinction of being one of the unhealthiest counties in Alabama. That distinction earned the county grant money that will pay for new exercise stations at walking tracks in Brantley and Luverne. It will also fund more fitness and weight loss education over the coming year.

Events like the glow run will help this county more than any single grant can. Glow runs will encourage every generation to get out and walk or run together for a good cause. An annual event like this will make activity as much a tradition as college football – without the heartache of a loss.

Running may not be for everyone, but activity should be. How about a Thriller dance off where people pay a nominal fee to learn the Thriller dance for the weeks leading up to Halloween. Everyone could show up to the annual downtown street party dressed as their favorite monster and work off some of those candied apples and sweet treats of the season.

Why stop at Thriller? There are plenty of local dance groups in Crenshaw. They could all offer “dancing in the streets” activities.

How about a kickball tournament? Everyone knows the rules to kickball and it could be a fun activity for all ages.

Next time your church or school is looking for fundraising ideas, consider one like the glow run.

Organize events that will bring families out and give them a fun activity that gets everyone moving.

Find a way to contribute to the healthier lifestyle we all want.

A healthier Crenshaw County is an attainable goal. All it takes is a few more great ideas like the glow run.