CCA JV volleyball loses to Edgewood

Published 12:06 pm Friday, September 11, 2015

junior journalist

The JV girls began their first volleyball match of the evening against Edgewood on Sept. 3.

The first timeout was called by Crenshaw with a score of 13-2 Edgewood.

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A few of Crenshaw’s players on the court were Chloe Mills, Brittany Lester, Ashlynn Kilpatrick, Hanna Weeks, Anna Lowe, Preslee Pittman, Jacie Chandler and Anna Rineheart. The ending score of the first match was 25-8 Edgewood.

Crenshaw’s starting players for the second match were Hanna Weeks, Anna Lowe, Ashlynn Kilpatrick, Brittany Lester, Preslee Pittman and Chloe Mills.

Jacie Chandler went in for Chloe Mills for two rotations in the second match. Gracie Thomas later came in for Brittany Lester and Chloe Mills then came back in for Gracie Thomas.

The ending score for the second and final match of the evening for the JV volleyball teams was 25-10 Edgewood.

Crenshaw’s assistants are Missy Davis and Missy Lester. The Lady Cougar’s coach is Mrs. Mallory Floyd.

Haley Weeks is a sophomore at Crenshaw Christian  Academy.