Living in love with Jesus

Published 5:06 pm Friday, August 28, 2015

Have you ever been in love?

What does it truly mean to be in love with someone, when that someone is Jesus Christ?

I have found that when I stopped caring about what others thought about me and only cared what He said, it made and still makes me want to spend more time with Him.

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When this starts happening in our lives, we want to do our best to please Him.

We start to crave being in His presence, just like when you met your spouse or best friend and cared about spending time getting to know them.

You know they love you and will have your back. They give good guidance and nurture your abilities.

Why not look at God the same way?

Take it one step further.

Since He created you, His design included the gifts and abilities that would be best suited for you to honor Him.

He created you, with your abilities, for Himself.

When you start to realize this, you start to comprehend that He really is all that truly matters.

I promise you nothing else will ever, ever, ever satisfy you like the love and relationship of Jesus Christ.

In Mark 12:30 it tells us to “Love the Lord, your God, with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your mind and with all of your strength.”

Notice it doesn’t say some, part or most, it says “all.”

When we do this, God pours “all” of Himself into us, that is when we crave Him and we lack for nothing.

We are truly satisfied with our true love in Jesus Christ.

Amanda Ackerman leads the women’s ministry at Faith Walk Ministries in Luverne.

She can be reached at