BCHS, DHR partner to aid eldery couple

Published 1:50 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Butler County Department of Human Resources (DHR) is partnering with the Butler County Humane Society (BCHS) to help a

local elderly couple whose kind and generous hearts left them with an overflow of felines.

“These are very sweet people who didn’t want to turn any of the stray cats away from their property,” said Annie Crenshaw, a BCHS volunteer who is working with DHR’s Alice Sexton to remedy the pet overpopulation problem.

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“They thought they had a dozen cats at most they were feeding. In fact, DHR counted perhaps a half-a-dozen cats plus 18 kittens of various ages — too many for these folks to have to care for. That’s why DHR asked for our help.”

The kittens are mixed ages from several litters, but many appear to be between two and three months of age, bright-eyed and alert, Crenshaw reports. She is providing wormer and flea treatment for the little ones, some of which have already had their initial vet check ups and shots.

“We hope people will consider opening their hearts to these sweet kittens,” said Crenshaw. “The majority of the cats are very tame and used to being picked up and petted. In fact, their human mother says several of the adult cats have been sleeping with her at night. Now, that’s a sign of a real pet lover!”

Those kittens not adopted out over the next few weeks through the humane society’s efforts will be surrendered to the animal shelter, Crenshaw said. The regular adoption fees have been dropped to $25 for anyone with a genuine interest in adopting one or more of these “country kittens.”

A request went out late last week via social media and the BCHS blog site asking for donations to help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgery and shots for the adult cats at the home, thus allowing the couple to keep some of their beloved pets with the certainty their pet family would not increase in size.

“If the humane society had not stepped up to help with this situation,  DHR would have had to remove all the cats and kittens from the property,” Crenshaw said. “Can you imagine having to tell a nice elderly couple you were taking all their furry babies from them? Pets can be such wonderful companions for an older person.”

BCHS President Herbert Morton reports several donations have already been made to the “Country Cats Spay/Neuter Fund.”

“The fund is off to a really good start, but with several adult cats requiring surgery, shots and tests plus shots and treatments for the kittens, we can certainly use more donations,” Morton said. “Every dollar contributed helps.”

Checks made out to the BCHS with a notation the donation is for the “Country Cats S/N Fund” should be sent to: BCHS, P.O. Box 264, Greenville, AL 36037. Online donations can be made at www.butlercoalhumanesociety.com by scrolling to the bottom of blog page and clicking the “donate” button. Please indicate the donation is for the “Country Cats.”

For more information about the kittens up for adoption, send an email to anniecrenshaw@centurytel.net.