GFD awarded $20K grant

Published 1:26 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2015

By Beth Hyatt
The Greenville Advocate

The Greenville Fire Department will upgrade its hazardous materials equipment thanks in large part to a $20,000 grant from the Butler County Emergency Management Agency through a Homeland Security Grant program.

“Hazmat is just like anything else. It outdates itself and you have to constantly keep everything up to date,” said Chief Chad Phillips.

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The grant money will be used to purchase a larger trailer to transport the hazmat equipment, a generator installed on the trailer, newer office computers and a portable decon shower equipped with a hot water system for winter use.

Phillips discussed the grant idea with Emergency Management Agency Director Shirley Sandy. After applying for the grant, it was quickly accepted. The Fire Department keeps a running list of potential grants with Sandy to keep up with what they are and are not eligible for, according to Phillips.

“Everybody needs money and it’s kind of a competitive process. We are so thankful to get what we’ve got,” said Phillips.