Rabies found within Luverne city limits

Published 5:19 pm Monday, June 29, 2015

Veterinarian Alethea Gammage found a rabid fox in her yard last Wednesday. Gammage took the dead fox to the Department of Public Health’s laboratory in Montgomery. The fox tested positive for rabies and there is no way of knowing who or what the animal infected before its death.

“Any rabid animal is definitely newsworthy,” said Gammage. “It reminds us that rabies is a real threat now. It’s not a problem of the past.”

Rabies is a life threatening disease for humans and animals. The virus infects the central nervous system and almost always results in death.

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According to an article from the Montgomery County Health Department, the virus is transmitted through bites, scratches or mucous membrane contact with the saliva of an infected animal.

If you think you have been in contact with an animal that has rabies you need to take necessary precautions. The first thing you need to do is wash the area with soap and water and then go to your physician to be further examined. Lastly, prevent others from being harmed by calling the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office at 335-6568. The CCSO is in charge of animal control in Crenshaw County and have been tasked to capture and/or destroy rabid animals that pose a danger.