Pilots give doomed pets second chance

Published 1:29 pm Friday, May 29, 2015

By Morgan Burkett
The Greenville Advocate

The Butler County Humane Society’s efforts to give several pets a new home will take to the skies today, thanks in no small part to Pilots N Paws.

The “Pilots N Paws Sunshine Fly-Away” is arriving in Greenville at the Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport bright and early this morning.

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Pilots N Paws is a national non-profit organization that brings volunteer pilots, plane owners and animal rescuers together to transport animals to cities in south Florida such as Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne and West Palm Beach.

“We are so thrilled to be able to help save the lives of these precious animals, and so thankful for the many volunteers who offer their planes, gas and time for this program,” said Herbert Morton, President of Butler County Humane Society.

This event will include The Lois Pope Red Star Rescue Vehicle.

This vehicle is used in times of need for dogs, cats and other domesticated and wild animals in need of emergency rescue, medical and shelter services. The vehicle, which will be manned by four certified and specially trained responders, carries supplies and equipment to shelter up to 100 animals. Based at American Humane Association’s new Palm Beach office, the vehicle will also be used as a mobile site to conduct humane education and animal cruelty seizures.

“This program helps rescue so many animals, but it takes little to no time for the animals to take over shelters again. We ask that you spay and neuter your animals so that the chance of these other pets finding homes is heightened,” said Morton.

Pilots and Paws will be filmed and aired on the Hallmark Channel in the fall at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

Camellia City Bakery catered last night for the Pilots N Paws volunteers and hot breakfasts will be served this morning courtesy of Philip Graham of Super Foods. Volunteers will be staying in one of Greenville’s hotels and escorted back to the airport by bus.

“Any donations and willing foster parents will help,” said Morton. “It makes a difference for these animals to foster them or become a committed rescue. Giving them a second chance is something that they deserve and any help we receive makes us extremely grateful.”