FAITH: Stay at the Master’s feet

Published 7:24 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I was watching the show Animal Planet the other day and they were talking and teaching the viewers about how a sheepdog works.

It was amazing!

What I learned was that the sheepdog that helps the shepherd or farmer to round up the sheep, is always trained to come to his master’s feet.

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Sheepdogs are some of the most trained dogs in the world. They learn to round up sheep and keep them in the fold, box them in and run and corner them too. Then the sheepdogs would come right back to their Master’s feet.

From watching this show, it was obvious that sheepdogs always pray. Well, at least you would always find the dog at the master’s feet ready for its next instruction. Hot dog, now that’s prayer.

In our golden text, Jesus is trying to teach his follower’s how to abide in him.

Jesus is showing us that our prayers must be in harmony with God’s will.

To be fulfilled, our requests must be in harmony with the principles of God’s kingdom and to know God’s will and his principles we must stay at his feet.

Prayer is that abiding relationship where believers stay at the master’s feet.

No matter how hard it is, don’t get up and don’t give up!

Stay at the Master’s feet! Hot dog!

Willie White is pastor of Greater Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church in Brantley.