COMMUNITY: McHenry family gathers for food, fun and fellowship

Published 7:27 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The decedents of Herry Herbert and Willie Abigail Bailey McHenry held their fifth annual family reunion at the Luverne Community center on Saturday, May 16, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

I greeted family and friends as they arrived and snapped their picture.

Family members attending were: Ned and Myrna McHenry and Evelyn McHenry Pair from Montgomery, Ala., Manley Scott McHenry and wife Marianna from Conley, Ga., Forest Lee from Troy, Ala., Sam and wife Sarah McHeny and 3 grandchildren Hunter and Sarah-Faye Scarbough and Triston McHenry. Randy Wood and wife Angie attended along with their grandson Dallas Polen from Crenshaw County.

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Joseph and Kim Norsworthy from Goshen area were in attendance as well.

Fletcher and Elaine Bozeman from Glendwood area, Britt and Angela Arthur and children Sarah and Mason from Glenwood all were in attendance.

Mathew and Merideth Bozeman along with their three children Tiffany, Corrie and Michael of Luverne attended.

Jackie Sport and grandson from Luverne, Ala attended the reunion. Rayford A. Lee and daughter Holly of Tallassee Ala came to the event as well.

Friends attending were: Mattie Pearl Sport, Jackie Langford and Michael Williamson of Luverne, Ala., Doylee Taylor Gnatt, Ala.

One of the highlights was having Carl and Pat brown of London, England who was guest of Sam and Sally McHenry.

They were a delightful couple and all enjoyed their conversations. Fletcher Bozeman gave the blessing for the meal.

Fun food and fellowship was great with everyone looking forward to the 6th reunion in 2016.


Edna Norsworthy writes a community column for Luverne. She can be reached at 335-6643.