LETTER: Lawmakers are selling out morals

Published 8:24 am Thursday, May 14, 2015


Dear Editor,

Alabama is at a time of financial crisis unlike ever before in our lifetime.

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This didn’t just happen over night, but is the result of past years of irresponsible spending by those in authority to do it — namely those that have been in power too long and are obsessed with the career politician syndrome.

We are the people who are the source of power that can break this up by standing together to limit all elective positions to no more than two four-year terms with no benefits.

A fantastic savings would result here, but limited space will not allow me to elaborate.

We are currently being faced with the lawmakers and governor selling out the morals that we have left to all forms of evil simply to feather their own nests and certain special interest groups.

There are no provisions in the Constitution that allows such funding for any purpose.

Gambling is liberal and has no limits to the damages that can occur from it and is addictive.

The ones pushing this gambling issue are in violation of their oath of office and the section of the Constitution that forever prohibits it.

Special note here, it is also in harsh violation of the Preamble to the Constitution. I believe such negative leadership will come home to them in the end.

We could balance the budget by closing all the doors to non-essential service and at the same time provide incentives that would reduce crime, corruption and waste.



Jack Pollard