Brantley basketball coach resigns

Published 8:24 am Thursday, May 14, 2015

Of all the coaches senior Lauren Johnson has had at Brantley, she is going to miss basketball coach Andrew Kilcrease most of all.

“He was my favorite coach,” she said. “He was so easy to listen to and understand what he was saying.

During the season, we would call him our dad.”

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As Johnson and her senior class say their goodbyes, Kilcrease will do the same.

He recently announced his resignation.

“I’m going to work with my father at (Brantley logging company) Posey-Kilcrease,” he said.

Kilcrease will end 16 years as a teacher and coach in Crenshaw County, the only place he has ever coached.

He will also leave a legacy in basketball. He led the Lady Bulldogs to two state championship titles.. This year, the team reached the playoffs.

He said he will miss the students most of all.

“They are a blessing to be around,” he said.

Since Kilcrease plans to stay in the area, he may still help brother, Ashley, coach football this fall.

As for basketball, Kilcrease was not sure he would take part in the Bulldog’s next season as anything more than a fan.

Johnson said losing Kilcrease would be hard for Brantley.

“It’s going to be tough to see him leave,” she said. “He forms relationships with everybody.”