Brantley councilman faces additional charge

Published 7:24 am Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brantley Councilman Lorey Bogen has agreed to turn himself in today, after learning of an additional charge filed against him. Bogen was arrested Thursday for domestic violence third degree. His wife, Amanda, has since filed an additional domestic violence charge.

Bogen’s first count of domestic violence stemmed from an incident witnessed by Brantley Police Officer Terry Mears. Bogen said he called 911 during an argument with his wife. When he tried to leave home, his wife took the keys to his vehicle.

“I said, ‘If I can’t leave, neither can you.’ But, I didn’t have keys to her vehicle so I was going to punch her tires out,” Bogen said.

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Mears said Bogen was charged with domestic violence because the tools he held to puncture the tires could have harmed Amanda Bogen, who was trying to block the tires and thwart her husband’s attempts.

The second charge of domestic violence third degree was related to an incident that allegedly occurred earlier in the week. Amanda Bogen said her husband hit her in the face with an unopened can of beer. While Lorey Bogen was in custody, Amanda Bogen signed a warrant for his arrest.

Bogen said the allegations are false and part of a conspiracy to undermine the work he has done as a councilman.

Bogen was released from jail on bond Monday morning. He was released without bond after turning himself in Tuesday morning.

Bogen was charged with domestic violence third degree in July 2012. The case was later dropped after his wife refused to testify against him.