FAITH: Thank God for a praying mother

Published 7:14 pm Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thank God for a praying mother: “For this child I prayed.” (1Sam 1:27).

I love to hear the song, “My mother prayed for me.”

“My mother prayed for me, had me on her mind and took the time and prayed for me, I’m so glad she prayed, I’m so glad she prayed, I’m so glad she prayed for me.”

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Wow! What a joy it is to have a praying mother; a mother who realizes that prayer hooks us up to the power source, which is God.

Here in our golden text, we see Hannah as a praying mother.

Hannah had suffered for years from the results of the practice of polygamy.

In her heartache and desperation Hannah promised God that if she might have a son she would devote him, for life, to the service of the Lord.

Her request was granted, and her baby was named Samuel.

Samuel grew up to be a man of integrity, a man who did more than any other to stem the tide of apostasy in his day.

Hannah’s honesty and dedication were passed along to her son.

Before Samuel was conceived, Hannah gave her son to the Lord.

God also desires that we dedicate our lives to him and for his service.

Thank God for a praying mother! Hot dog!

Willie White is pastor of Greater Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church in Brantley.