BOE interviews first 2 superintendent picks

Published 2:44 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Crenshaw County Schools Board of Education interviewed two people Tuesday evening, continuing the process of hiring the school system’s first appointed superintendent.

John Wilcox, assistant superintendent of Tallapoosa County School System, and Boyd English, principal of Charles Henderson High School, met with district employees, toured schools and answered a series of questions from board members.

Candidates were asked about their philosophies on discipline and plans for the first few months. They answered questions about diversity and addressing problems with staff.

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Wilcox said he would entrust principals to manage their schools.

“If possible, every decision should be that person’s because every drawback or blowback is going to be that person’s,” he said.

English said he would propose a feasibility study to look at improving arts programs at each school. He wanted to see drama programs, culinary arts and art classes offered.

English also hoped to see a career tech center in Crenshaw County.

On discipline, both candidates said teachers and administrators needed to be consistent and visible.

“The number one thing is rapport with students and there has to be respect,” English said.

He said he was proud that his 5A school had only had three fights in the school year. He discussed each fight to explain his philosophy on discipline.

Wilcox said he supported corporal punishment.

“I’d much rather you spank my child then send her back to class than send her to ISS. She’s not going to learn anything there.”

The process continued Wednesday and board members will meet with additional candidates today and Monday, before the regularly scheduled meeting. Once all candidates have been interviewed, the board will narrow the field of choices. If one candidate stands out above all others, board members said they would be prepared to make an offer.

Board member Steve Sanders said the plan was to have the new superintendent in place by June 1.