Daniels recertified as CFSP

Published 1:35 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don Daniels, co-owner of Dunklin & Daniels Funeral Home in Greenville, has recently been recertified as a certified funeral service practitioner (CFSP) by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice.

A number of professions grant special recognition to members upon completion of specified academic and professional programs and CFSP is funeral service’s national individual recognition.

The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, since its founding in 1976, has had as its goals to recognize those practitioners who have voluntarily entered into a program of personal and professional growth, to raise and improve the standards of funeral service and to encourage practitioners to make continuing education a lifelong process in their own self-interest, the interest of the families they serve, and the community in which they serve.

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To initially receive this award, the practitioner must complete a 180-hour program of continuing education activities and events. In addition, the practitioner is required to accumulate 20 hours per year to recertify. Credits are awarded by the Academy for work leading to personal and/or professional growth in four areas: academic activities, professional activities, career review and community and civic activities.

Certification is for individuals only and is not used to imply certification of a firm.