What goes around, comes back around

Published 4:59 pm Wednesday, April 8, 2015

By Willie White

The story is told of the man who didn’t want the kids from the neighborhood eating his watermelons.

So, he put up a sign in his yard. It simply said, “One of these watermelons is poisonous.”

Obviously, the kids not knowing which one was bad, would not steal his watermelons and eat them.

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None were poisonous. The man lied in an attempt to protect his crop from thieves.

He came out the next day and much to his surprise, he saw the word “one” crossed off and the word “two” in its place.

Now he had lost his whole crop because he had no idea which watermelon the kids had messed with.

Lies have a way of coming back around. Here in our golden text, Ephesians 4:25, Paul is trying to keep unity in the church.

Lying undermines our freedom and unity in Christ. Lying to each other disrupts unity by creating conflicts and destroying trust. So, don’t lie just tell the truth.

We must put on the new role, head in the the new direction and have the new way of thinking that the Holy Spirit gives.

Lies have a way of coming back around. Hot dog!

Willie White is pastor of Greater Saint Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church in Brantley.