Argument leads to shooting

Published 4:47 pm Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday the 13th proved unlucky for at least one Greenville man as an altercation culminated in a trip to the emergency room for a gunshot wound.

The victim, unnamed at this time, and his sister traveled to Fort Deposit for a party Friday night, where the pair got into an argument with the sister’s boyfriend.

The two siblings left the party soon after the disagreement and came back to the sister’s Greenville home at the Mountain Brook trailer park.

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Greenville Police Department Captain Justin Lovvorn said that the trouble followed them home to Greenville.

“The ex-boyfriend then came to Greenville to the Mountain Brook trailer park, where his ex-girlfriend lives, and started a confrontation with her brother there,” Lovvorn said.

“They got in to a fight in front of the trailer outside, and during the fight the offender pulled out a handgun and shot the victim one time in the shoulder.”

The offender then fled the scene, while a friend took the victim to L.V. Stabler’s emergency room to be treated for his injuries.

The victim was later transported to Baptist South Hospital in Montgomery for further treatment.

“Last we checked, he was in stable condition,” Lovvorn said.

The offender, 27-year-old Lionel Morrison, is a Greenville resident.

The Greenville Police Department located him shortly after the initial shooting, where he was brought in for questioning.

“We were also able to recover the gun used in the shooting at the scene, as well as the shell casing that was found from the spent cartridge,” Lovvorn said.

“We basically had all of the evidence from the scene, and the statement from the offender, Mr. Morrison.”

Morrison was placed under arrest for first-degree assault and use of a deadly firearm, and then placed in the county jail.