GPD amnesty program ends Feb. 27

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Greenville Police Department is offering an opportunity for those with multiple outstanding traffic warrants to clear them up as a part of the department’s Amnesty program.

The program has been running since Monday and lasts until Fri., Feb. 27.

GPD administrative assistant Gloria Moorer said the amnesty program is set up for someone with more than one warrant.

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“If they have several warrants, then they’ll have to talk to Danny Bond,” Moorer said. “They can call and talk to Bond to make arrangements to try and make it clear.”

Moorer gave an example of how the program works.

“Say if they go like $1,200 worth of warrants,” she said. “If they can come up with a certain amount, then we’ll work something out with them.”

Moorer said if the person were to pay $1,000 off of their warrant, then the rest would be paid as a part of the program.

Bond said those who think they may have a warrant tacked on their record need to call him at the police department or on his cell phone to work it out.

“Here’s what we’re trying to do,” Bond said. “Say they got pulled over for not having a tag light, but it wound up they had four or five tickets, driving revoked or no insurance. We can’t do anything about the revoked license. They need to go to a judge.”

Those who need assistance can call the GPD at 334-382-7461 or Bond at 334-437-1827.