Walkabouts yield good pics

Published 6:57 pm Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I’m an avid picture taker.

While I mainly use my photography skills for my job here at The Greenville Advocate, I sometimes like to go on walks and take pictures of what I see and come across.

Sunday afternoon provided the perfect backdrop for what I needed to accomplish for work.

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It was partly cloudy; the temperature was just right and downtown Greenville was stirring with some activity.

A family could be seen riding bikes, a woman was doing her workout with her baby in a stroller and one of the city’s historians could be seen riding his bike down Commerce Street.

When I go out and take pictures for either work or for personal reasons, I try to have some sort of a vision for my pictures.

Basically, my vision is how I want the end product to look, whether it’s on paper or on the web.

Many pictures that are taken through the lens tend to look different once they are uploaded on my computer. In these cases, the pictures unfold stories that turn different directions.

This is the good opportunity for me, as a photographer, to sit back and look at my work and decide what story I want to tell.

Sometimes, that’s what happens when writing stories for the paper. It may end up saying something different than what your angle was.

I got into photography at my previous job in Andalusia, working for the newspaper there.

At first, I didn’t know I had the “eye” of a photographer, but now I am confident in saying that I do.

Over the years working in Andalusia, my skills developed and overtime, I began to appreciate the art form more and more.

Many questions would pop in this noggin of mine about the craft.

Most of the picture-taking in Andalusia was for news and sports, some inside but mostly outside.

I’ve never even dealt with studio photography until coming here to Greenville. That’s another realm I look forward to pursuing.

So, if you see me walking about downtown, give me a wave or a honk.