Brantley gets new fire engine

Published 7:32 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BRANTLEY – The Brantley Volunteer Fire Department recently acquired a fire truck that will help them do double-duty at wrecks.

The 1,250-gallon Ferrar pumper rescue vehicle will be equipped with foam, medical supplies and the Jaws of Life, which will eliminate the need to have a fire truck and

rescue vehicle respond to each wreck.

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Fire Chief Harry Driggers said the truck is a 2012.

“It may not be new, but it’s new to us,” he laughed.

The truck was purchased for $58,000. Driggers said it would have cost $400,000 brand new.

One of his favorite features is the foam system.

“The foam will just smother the fire out,” he said. “It’s good for car fires and gas fires.”

The department will be able to get rid of its 1998 rescue extrication vehicle. The new addition to the fleet may also mean an increase in the department’s ISO rating.