Water authority discusses insurance, meters at session

Published 8:02 pm Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quite a few topics were up for discussion during the Butler County Water Authority’s work session on Tuesday morning.

Many of the topics that were discussed include getting a better insurance rate, board terms, management contract, reconnect and disconnect fees and water products, such as meters and what it takes to assemble radio read meters.

John Norman, of Norman Insurance, spoke to the board about finding a better rate with the same coverage they already have.

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Kathy Hobson, business manager and book keeper for the Butler County Water Authority, said the board’s had its insurance with Norman since 2007 when Artesian Utilities took over.

The water board’s attorney is going to analyze the new insurance rate proposal and will decided whether or not to make a recommendation to go with the cheaper rate, Hobson said.

Then, the board talked about the management contract they are still honoring with Artesian.

Hobson said Artesian has held the management contract since 2007, where it was for three years. The board extended the contract for another two years under the same price.

“There’s a clause in there to start out with ‘X’ number of dollars per customer, then we get a 3 percent increase each year when the contract is up February 1,” Hobson said.

At the session, the board heard an update about the loans that are being paid back to banks.

Hobson said that the board is “in good shape” and is able to pay back the loans on a good schedule.

Disconnection, connection and installation fees were addressed to the board, along with information on projects and maintenance.

Studies were performed to see where the county’s water authority shapes up against other counties in regards to installation fees for radio meters.

For a 20-foot service, to install a meter for a three-quarters-of-an-inch pipe, it costs $562.83 with parts. It costs $665.44 for a 1-inch pipe.

For the 60-foot copper tubing, it costs $773.12 for three-quarters and $921.40 for 1 inch.

The session concluded with water operator Junior Malone addressing the board about how the meters work, mechanically, and the need for customers to report leaks, along with how to detect them.