Alliance is seeking contributions

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Alabama’s Lobbying Alliance — a non profit alliance — that’s committed to truth and justice coupled with all other essential characteristics for completeness, will in effect provide for a more decent, safer place to live, a better quality of life for everyone and will restore public trust.

The alliance is seeking contributions for the Anti-Gambling Legal Defense Fund (2991 Center Ridge Road, Luverne, AL 36049) to make a challenge through the justice system, the legal authority that the gambling proponents claim to have. The plans are to file this claim some time in March citing the Alabama constitution’s permanent ban on all forms of gambling, and also the mode for amending the constitution. Any unused (if any) funds in the end will be given to the Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that this claim has no merit, it’s the gambling interest that has no legal merit and we will prove this in the courts.

It is indeed high time for the caring citizens of this state to stand together to oppose all manner of evil that is prompted by our elected and appointed authorities, even to such extent as by legal means. All crimes stem from evil, and we need to curb this as much as possible.

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Alabama was constituted a conservative state, and by abusing the power having been vested in, the responsible ones have strayed us away from this status. The ongoing trend of power abuse supporting socialism/liberalism is far from being consistent with our constitution.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack D. Pollard