Recycle those Christmas trees

Published 5:25 pm Saturday, December 27, 2014

Repurposing Old Christmas Trees as Fish Attractors

When the holidays are over and you’re left with dried up Christmas trees, you can still

use your old trees for seasons to come. After the holidays, bundle old Christmas trees to

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use as fish attractors in your pond.

Fish are attracted to tree bundles for many reasons. Small fish hide in the bundle to avoid

larger predators. Algae and the animals that graze on the algae attach to trees and provide

food for other fish.

Additionally, the attractors can act as ambush sites where the large fish can launch

themselves out at passing prey. Larger fish are attracted to the bundles, because that’s

where the smaller fish are.

Finally, these trees can provide attractive nesting sites perhaps protecting the nesting fish

from aerial predators like fish-eating birds.

“Fish attractors are important to good pond management because they help anglers enjoy

the pond and more effectively catch fish,” said Rusty Wright, an expert in recreational

pond management with Alabama Extension. “Fish harvest, particularly harvest of bass, is

critical to keeping the predators and prey in balance.”

When making fish attractors, Wright suggests bundling 2-3 trees together with wire.

First, tie them together at the base, then either drill through the trunks or simply tie

around each.

If you wish the bunch to stand up, tie in a float, such as a piece of pool noodle, to the tops

of the trees. At the base, use about two concrete blocks per group of three trees.

Finally, place the trees in 4-6 foot water depth for upright bundles or shallower if the

group is weighted on its side. Bundles on their side can be placed in shallower water right

up to edge. Place the bundles in groups of three or four to make them more effective.

“Be prepared to augment or add to the bundles through time. Christmas trees generally

don’t last long,” said Wright.