LETTER: I’m glad I live in Crenshaw

Published 2:25 pm Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear Editor,

I am so glad to live in Crenshaw County. After Thanksgiving, a friend and I went to troy to shop. We went to the Goodwill. In the trash bin, there were some nice things. So, I was getting them out when a person from the inside came out and told me if I didn’t put it back, I could go to jail. You can’t get things out of trash bins in Troy or you could go to jail. So, I am glad I live here.

I am on a fixed income and cans and other things I get out of bins or on the side of the road help to buy groceries or other things I need. I know some people will look at me as if I am crazy, but if picking up cans and other things can help me have food and other things, then I am crazy.

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You can’t tell me that picking up cans and getting things out of trash bins are not better than theft. Maybe Troy doesn’t have people on fixed incomes that need food or other things.

Those things out of the Goodwill trash bin could have been sold in yard sales to buy food or other things.

I know we need more jobs. But, when we get things out of the bins, we are keeping it out of our landfill.


June Killingsworth