LETTER: Whose side are you on?

Published 12:55 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2014

To the editor:

Whose Side Are You On?

This is a question that has been going around the City of Luverne. Are you on Pat Floyd’s side? Let me clarify my “side,” if you prefer the use of this terminology; personally, I do not.

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Recently, I had a discussion with a person who assumed there is a political agenda based on my actions. In my opinion, a political agenda would be for the purpose of gaining power, money and or both. I seek neither.

To help those believing that I have a political agenda; I do not have one. I wish to help you understand and to clarify my actions. My beliefs are:

My church and my personal life are separate from all of my other activities. Absolutely, no one should assume otherwise; if you do, you are wrong.

I am and will continue to seek honesty in city and county government 
by officials and employees.

In transparency in all city and county government activities.

In knowing and following the rules of Alabama law by elected officials is a 
responsibility given by the taxpaying citizens to the elected officials.

In accountability, to end nepotism and getting rid of the “Good ole boy favoritism.” (nepotism is not illegal but is in bad taste)

That City Government should be by city council, not at the direction of the mayor, as it is by law.

In ending discrimination in City and County governments and promoting based on qualifications and job performance and;

In cleaning up the appearance of the City of Luverne and enforcing zoning and building codes.

As my prize for my efforts, a better Luverne and Crenshaw County for all to enjoy. I appreciate the many supporters that believe as I do and when we succeed; we all become winners and enjoy a better life in our community. If you agree with me then the question, “Who’s Side are You On” is settled.

Let your voice be heard in a positive manner. Your presence in the City Council and County Commission meetings is helpful.

Blessings to all of you.


Dr. Pat Floyd