GUEST EDITORIAL: Decision-making time for high school seniors

Published 4:45 pm Thursday, December 4, 2014

The new year is fast approaching and the pressure begins to weigh in as many local high school seniors take aptitude tests such as the ACT and the ASVAB in preparation for life after high school.

As it stands, in Crenshaw County, only 27.8 percent of our students graduate high school and 11.3 percent go on to receive some type of college instruction. With such statistics dangling overhead, there is an increased necessity to encourage our students to be “finishers” and to exceed the standards of expectation. We as a community carry the responsibility of making sure the basic goal of education is attainable.

After questioning numerous students, counselors, parents and teachers we’ve discovered that a high percentage of our high school students’ failure to graduate goes far beyond poor grades and low standardized test scores. They refrain from putting for the effort due to lack of motivation, challenge, as well as the support needed to reach beyond the finish line to achievable dreams and higher expectations. They need to know that we are concerned about their success and their path to a stable and fulfilling future. If you think they can do it, then they’ll think they can do it. This seems like a cliché we have all heard before but these are words that one can live by.

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Tiara L. Hawthorne is a resident of Brantley and pastor of God Chasers Ministries.