3 identified in Highway 10 burglary

Published 12:09 am Saturday, October 25, 2014

The month-old search for the men responsible for breaking into Neen’s Store located on Highway 10 has ended.

According to officials, 33-year-old Gerald Little, 22-year-old Ledarrius Ollison and 20-year-old Anthony Little have each been charged with burglary, third degree, criminal mischief, first degree and theft of property, first degree, for the September break-in.

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden said the break-in occurred around 4 a.m. on September 22, and that the suspects used a jackhammer to break through a concrete wall at the back of the store.  Once inside, the intruders used a hammer to smash the ATM.

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The suspects also stole a carton of cigarettes.

The trio were arrested outside of Butler County, as they’d been charged with similar offenses in several surrounding counties including Dallas, Lowndes, Crenshaw and Elmore.

Elmore County sheriff’s deputies apprehended two of the three men at Titus Gas and Grocery, located approximately five miles north of Wetumpka on Highway 231, on Oct. 8.

And though he’d managed to elude officials Wednesday, Gerald Little was captured and arrested the following morning near a lodge cabin at the intersection of Cousins Road and Highway 231.

“We went to Elmore County Monday to get the information that we needed to obtain the warrants on them,” Harden said.

“The warrants haven’t been signed on them, but we have a hold on them, and we’ll get them back here at some point.”

Harden added that there is the possibility of additional arrests being made in the case.