MOORE COLUMN: Let’s make noise

Published 8:13 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I got pinned!

Pinned. The word conjures up scenes from “Grease” and old episodes of Happy Days. Those were the images that ran through my mind as I accepted my pin from the Crenshaw County chapter of the Kiwanis Club. As she presented a certificate of membership, Club President Kristi Maddox offered the pin and asked if I wanted her to pin it on me.

I lit up, but tried to sound nonchalant when I said, “sure.” I was just as giddy as any girl in a poodle skirt over this tiny little pin.

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Now, I’m going to come clean with you. I joined the Kiwanis Club because I thought it would be a great way to get to know the people of Crenshaw County and keep a pulse on local issues. The meetings, which are held at noon at the Chicken Shack, became the highlight of my week after I had my first meal at the infamous restaurant. I think I’d be inclined to join any and every club that held meetings at the Chicken Shack.

Thankfully, the Kiwanis Club isn’t just any club. It is steeped in 99 years of service and tradition. The organization’s motto is “We build.” According to the handy little pamphlet bestowed upon me with my pin and certificate, “Throughout its history, the Kiwanis name has been synonymous with endeavors that build character, knowledge, commerce, communities, and through genuine concern for others – hope.”

And “hope” is exactly what I feel as I leave the weekly meetings. I can see the concern and the interest each member has for weekly programs like foster care, the volunteer fire department and the proposed fire tax. This is an organization where ideas quickly become actions and I look forward to doing my part.

That pamphlet cleared up another mystery for me. It included the meaning of “Kiwanis.”

“The name Kiwanis stems from a North American Indian phrase, which had a variety of meanings, including ‘We have a good time’ or ‘We make a noise.’”

If you’re ready to make some noise or have a good time with Kiwanis, visit or come by the Chicken Shack. I’ll save you a seat.

Mona Moore is the editor of The Luverne Journal. She can be contacted at (334) 335-3541.