Commission OKs $14.5M budget

Published 4:57 pm Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Butler County Commission approved a $14,535.399 budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015.

This year’s budget represents a 6-percent decrease in the county’s budget from the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

The new year’s budget is less than last year’s budget by a little over $1 million, due in large part to the ATRIP match money that the county had to put up for the road projects that were approved for Butler County,” said Butler County Commission Administrator Diane Kilpatrick.

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“In the new year’s budget, there is also a little over $1 million budgeted for match money the next phase of the ATRIP projects.”

Kilpatrick added that the sales tax revenue for this year is up by about 7 percent from last year’s, and that the ad valorem tax is up approximately 4 percent.

“The sales tax increase could be in large part because of the fact that everything has gone up and, therefore, it stands to reason that the sales tax would be increased for that fact alone,” Kilpatrick said.

The sum would be split for four different uses.

The general fund will receive $5,276,697 to finance operations of the general government, public safety and health and welfare.

Departments that fall into this umbrella include the commission office, courts, maintenance and upkeep for the courthouse and other buildings, the probate and revenue commissioners office, the sheriff’s department, the correctional facility, EMA Department, elections and the health department.

$5,873,252 of the 2014-2015 budget will be allocated to the Road Department, which covers maintenance, repair and upkeep of the Butler County road system.

The total includes salaries, road building supplies and equipment.

$2,404,098 is allocated as other special revenue funds to be used for specific purposes including the reappraisal department, capital improvement, roads, bridges and public buildings.

The remaining $981,353 will be utilized to pay the debt for a loan that was taken out to build the current correctional facility.

“Several years ago, Butler County passed an additional court fee law to help pay for the construction, maintenance and operation of a new correctional facility,” Kilpatrick said.

“These funds are utilized to pay the debt for the loan that was taken out to build the current correctional facility.”