LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In appreciaton for all efforts to clean up Luverne and build an animal shelter

Published 2:27 pm Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Editor,

I agree 100 percent with the ones who desire to see Luverne cleaned up and those who desire and see the need for an animal shelter.

In my time as a manager of a local elderly apartment complex, stray dogs would come on the porches and the tenants would be afraid to come out. The police would come and run them away or pick them up. Also, stray cats would come looking for food. Stray dogs that attack and kill innocent goats could also attack a child.

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We all should support the animal shelter. It would be a great mission for all churches to support the shelter with a love offering or perhaps sponsor a fundraiser. After all, the animals are God’s creatures, too.

Yes, Luverne needs to clean up! I am a firm believer in trading at home and appreciate all our merchants who collect sales tax that benefit our city, county and schools.

On several occasions, the mayor and councilmen have been approached and encouraged to form a Clean City PALS (Partners Against a Littered State) organization, which is composed of volunteers, not paid employees.

Each councilperson could organize a cleanup in their district, perhaps by forming block or street cleanups. It is done in other cities.

Several requests have been made to the city for a cleanup at Luverne Nutrition Center. The curb appeal is terrible. The parking space lines need to be repainted. This building is rented out for lots of reunions and other activities. You would think there would be enough money to clean the curbs.

It’s beyond my comprehension for anyone to be offended by a request to clean up and obey the town and county ordinances. CLEAN UP! It’s a matter of pride.

Edna Ruth Norsworthy

Glenwood Community