Glenwood residents plan annual community yard sale

Published 8:19 pm Thursday, September 18, 2014

There was a time when folks knew all of their neighbors and did more than nod or wave as they drove by. Glenwood resident Sandra Berry wants to get back to those times.

“Even though it’s a small town, we don’t know everybody,” she said. “This is what we do to try to help everyone come together as a community.”

Berry is organizing a community-wide yard sale for the town of Glenwood. People can come out, browse through goods and perhaps hear the stories behind the items.

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The second annual Glenwood Community Yard Sale will be held Oct. 4 starting at 7 a.m..

The yard sale is open to all residents of Glenwood. Berry and other organizers will post a sign in all participating yards free of charge.

“Clean out some of that junk, baby, clean it out,” laughed Berry.

She will be out bright and early looking for a good buy.

Don’t have a yard, you say? No problem, Berry said people will have booths set up downtown near the well. If you would like a spot to set up, give Sandra Berry a call at 335-5349 or 372-0013. You may also call Bonnie Tillis at 335-5699 or Mary West at 335-5666 and 406-6212.