LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We aren’t going away

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dear Editor:
I was astonished to read in last week’s paper that the Crenshaw County Commission thinks that no laws have been broken regarding animal control in our county. I attended the last commission meeting and there were at least 15 supporters of the new animal society present. We politely requested that the commission include funding in the new budget for animal control. Merrill Sport informed us that there was “no money” and that we needed to come back with a plan, although the group has already presented a plan at a previous meeting. Charlie Sankey was quoted last week in the paper that he knew of no group and that he would not support it. Neither he nor Michelle Stephens were in attendance at that commission meeting. I plan to attend the next Monday night meeting, and I respectfully request that they both attend as well. Our numbers in the animal society are growing and we aren’t going away.
Kathy Dowdy

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