LETTER: Our city looks thrown away

Published 1:00 am Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dear Editor,
The “Talk” around town is that some folks (me) are making derogatory remarks about the clean up of Luverne. I have never been told that I use derogatory remarks in my personal or professional career. I am considered to be the most positive, dependable, supportive, fairest, ethical, and work-a-holic person that one may know.
To me, derogatory remarks are negative, no matter how one may define the word. When asking some property owners to make their city cleaner, more appealing to its citizens, as well as to those traveling through our city is derogatory, YES, I am Guilty. When one is asking property owners to remove bushes, poison vines, growth off the top or sides of their buildings, YES, I am Guilty. When one is asking property owners to replace broken windows, smashed in doors or no doors at all in the buildings on Forest Avenue, YES, I am Guilty. When one is asking property owners to cut/trim trees, remove abandoned trailers/vehicles, old tires, pallets, mow lots that are and have been tremendously over grown for years, YES, I am guilty. When one is asking the City to clean up its own property, YES, I am Guilty.
As I recently told our City Government at a recent City Council Meeting, “Our City Looks Thrown Away.” Do we want this appearance for the Friendliest City in the South? I don’t. Instead of complaining about the derogatory remarks being made…. Clean up your property!
On the corner of Fourth and Spring Street, a new single wide trailer was placed on the property without going through Zoning Ordinance. The Mayor gave the owner of the property permission to place the trailer on the lot. Is this proper? Most citizens go through the proper channels. Thus far, after three months, nothing has changed as complying with City Ordinance. Why have a City Council or Zoning committee if the mayor is ruling absolutely without input from city council, zoning committee and citizens.
Luverne needs to be an appealing City, not an “eye sore.” It is past time for our City Government to show leadership and be an example for our community. Our citizens deserve to live in a city that takes pride in its appearance.
Believe it or not, there are many property owners who are proud of their city and show their pride by keeping their property looking good to beautify our city. Some property can be cleaned with little time while others may take extra effort. If all property owners will pitch in and do less complaining, these derogatory remarks will cease. I guarantee it!

Pat Floyd, Ph.D

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